The map of Lightport (c.o. Otto)

The LighthouseEdit

The lighthouse which lends Lightport the first half of its name is, doubtless, the most memorable thing about the entire little town. In fact, you've probably seen it in your dreams, hence you being here. It sits on an outcropping, a peninsula by low tides and an island by high.

Residents: Erik Lehnsher

Dane's HouseEdit

This is where Dane grew up and where he still lives, primarily just with a lot of cats. There's extra space upstairs, though! ...once his family's been buried, that is. He'd just appreciate it if you maybe replaced the furniture, assuming he agrees to you moving in.

Residents: Dane Murphy

Shore GreenEdit

Shore Green is a residential neighborhood with plenty of single-family houses for people who would like such places to live. Only maybe two out of fifteen houses weren't currently occupied when the flu hit but a number of families fled, so corpses aren't too big of a deal.

Main StreetEdit

If you're looking for any sort of basic store, this is where you'll find it. Not being what one would call a tourist town, Lightport's Main Street and its offshoots contain restaurants, grocers, hardware stores, dive bars, and the like with only a couple gift shops in the mix.

Misty Pines FarmEdit

Residents: Laura Hawley

Our Lady of Counted SorrowsEdit

The local Catholic parish, well known for its FEUDING SIGNAGE regarding the nearby Presbyterian church.

Lightport Health and WellnessEdit

This is where we get delicious medical supplies. The nearest hospital is a relatively small facility a bit west of Lightport but the clinic should provide proper space for anything short of full-on surgery or other procedures with serious complications.

Power StationEdit

Primarily run by wind turbine and a bit of experimental solar paneling, the station is where Lightport and a few other surrounding towns got their power. With no one to run it, the grid went dead. Having folks back in town, someone will get it up and running eventually.

Lightport HarborEdit

Lightport is a fishing town or at least it was. Just ask Dane. No really. If your character wants to run a fishing or lobstering vessel, Dane not only knows how to work most everything they need but also probably knows who owned most of the boats on dock and where to find the keys.
Notable boats include:
The Unsinkable Sink
Tammy's Tits
Daft Aft
Wake Maker
Yeah, Buoy
Buoys On The Side
Whiskey River

The JunkyardEdit

What do you expect of a junkyard? Well, whatever it is, this is probably where you'll find it. Just be careful. Half a square mile of crap and scrap provides too many nooks and crannies for there not to be a few somethings hiding inside.

Municipal CircleEdit

Houses the police station, the fire station, the court house, and other sundries.
[03:14] Jeri: 'other municipal shit' being its technical name

Many Exciting Patches of WoodsEdit

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Residents: Raven Darkholme

Aloysious B. Snozzwangler Elementary (K-6)Edit

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Portguard IslandEdit

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