there is water on the sun there's a way to recognize all the pride that wraps around for my disguise there's a way to talk me through to open the silence that belongs to you nothing can be cooled to absolute zero coffee reduces the risk of Alzheimer's, heart disease, type two diabetes, liver cirrhosis, gout and Parkinson's plasmic oxytocin increases in the human body during orgasm terminonatator is a genus of plesiosaur from the Campanian age Michael Biehn was in the movie Clockstoppers between 1950 and 1985 oaluminosocupreovitriolic floccinaucinihilipilification kāma is sensuous, sexual love; prema is elevated love karuna is compassion bhakti is divine love won't listen to any advice momma's telling me I should think twice but look into my own devices I'm addicted it's a crisis

Harry Kempe Feynman


Boston, MA


Lightport, ME






Journal name


Played By

Christopher Gorham

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Probability does not change from event to event.Edit

Feynman {Jim}
Kempe {Anne}

{Jim} U {Anne} = {Jim, Anne}
Possibility: {Harry, Jane}
{Jim, Anne} ∩ {Harry, Jane} = {Jim, Anne, Harry, Jane}
{Jim} {Anne} {Harry} {Jane}
{Jim, Anne} {Harry, Jane}
{Jim, Harry} {Jane, Anne}
{Jim, Jane} {Harry, Anne}
{Jim, Anne, Harry, Jane}
ø fatal error: {-Anne}
ø fatal error: {-Jane}
ø fatal error: {-Jim}

Almost all consequential events in history come from the unexpectedEdit

* MENTAL (primary)

o Perception 2
o Intelligence 4
o Wits 3

* SOCIAL (secondary)

o Charisma 3
o Manipulation 3
o Appearance 2

* PHYSICAL (tertiary) o Strength 1
o Dexterity 3
o Stamina 2


o Academics 2
o Metaphysics 2
o Science 3
o Finance 2
o Enigmas 2
o Technology 2
o Research 2


o Eidetic Memory
o Mechanical Aptitude
o Ability Aptitude
o Mad Science


o Phobia (Autophobia)
o Dark Fate
o Curiosity
o Driving Goal
o Addiction (Caffeine)

Almost all natural events are not intrinsically randomEdit

These human machines, driven by computers, tend to be unusually powerful physically or have an incredible knowledge base stored internally. In this respect, when discussing the biology of a machine in the context of popular culture -- the lifelike processes and phenomena of a cyborg or android -- superficial descriptions tend to suffice: they are as strong as twenty people combined, or eerily know what twenty very smart people might know. Humanized machines tend to compress quantities of muscle and brain into single entities, often for extremes of good or ill of those around them.

A circuit board for a brainEdit

Keep fooling yourself with you unappreciation.
Look into my eyes and know that I can see right through you.
I'll erase you from the thoughts and tongues of everyone you know

Believe me now this hurts me more than youEdit

  • The Sunny-Side Inside-Shell Cooker
  • The Feynman Edge (saran wrap slicer)
  • The Wii Fitness Dome
  • The Pasta Mystic
  • The Baco-Baller
  • Feynman Bread Genie
  • The Radish Powered Formula Warmer
  • Butter King
  • Banana Magic