Allison Cameron Young


Palmdale, CA


Lightport, ME




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Summer Glau

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As if time had stoppedEdit

  • Born in Palmdale CA
  • Part of the 'Electric Dollhouse' family circus and carnival as a knife thrower and acrobat
  • Went to boarding school in Flagstaff, AZ from age 11-15, where she also studied ballet.
  • She met John Connor in Flagstaff, when she was 13. They were very close, but he clearly had issues with affection and such.
  • John left the school and her life when she was 15, if by 'left' you mean 'horrible awful terrible things occured in succession, he vanished and her parents pulled her the fuck out of that school'. That's what you mean RIGHT?
  • She became official part of the Electric Dollhouse when she was 16.
  • When the PLAGUE began the circus was in Tucson, Arizona and three days later they were in Phoenix. There is every chance that that traveling might have helped it to spread.
  • At a certain point, the Electric Dollhouse and the few people visiting were quarantined.
  • This is where her starting point will be.

still I was numb with fearEdit

Allison is a quick learner, and stubborn. Overprotective of anyone that she considers to be part of her family, and she has a fairly loose definition of family. She is also easily provoked. Into fighting. Into being frightened. Into self-sacrifice. Her sense of self-preservation is fairly normal, but low when it comes to protecting people that she cares about. She will run if given the chance to escape from something. Of course she will. But if the same opportunity presented when someone she cares about is in danger? Not a chance.

Allison is stubborn. Ha ha. Stubborn enough to stop the people she loves and cares about from getting themselves hurt or getting themselves killed. Whether they like it or not.

But still I wanted to goEdit

Allison has no special powers, she is not psychic in any way. However she is fairly good at shooting a rifle, and picked up acrobatics and knife-throwing from her time in the family's carnival. She also has some ballet training.

And the blaze of the fireEdit

She can't swim, to the point of being afraid of the water. So you know. Go right to Maine, Allison. Where there's a lighthouse and water. Why not?

did no hurt upon meEdit

She will escapay the quarantined circus tents in a one of the circus trucks and head Maine-ward ways.